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Reward systems can be a challenge.. between designing a system, and the challenges of creating a system that can scale, it can be a very difficult endeavored. We've solved this problem by creating a simple reward system that anyone can use, it scales automatically as you grow, just set it up once, and watch the instant impact of having your own powerful rewards program.

The power of points based reward systems have been leveraged by industry leaders for decades, and now you can use the same power and strength of these programs to reward your website visitors, boosting repeat visitors, loyalty, and leading activity growth.
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Easy Copy & Paste Setup

You don't need a Doctorate in Engineering to set up Zubee Rewards, it's literally as easy as copying and pasting one line of HTML into any web page or template, but don't worry, we're here if you need help and will even install it for you.

Featured+ Retargeting

Zubee Zone is a complete business solution, in addition to using proven methods to deliver repeat traffic, our visitors are tracked and we target advertising of your business to members based on their favorite categories, and with our retargeting features we can help you keep those new members coming back. Our rewards system matched with our advertising system will guarantee sustainable growth.

Boost Revenue

In addition to creating more value for your existing customers, Zubee Zone adds an additional distribution channel for your goods and services. Sell your products on our marketplace for fees as low as 5% and start increasing awareness and revenue today.








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Zubee Zone is not an investment product, pyramid scheme, ponzi, or MLM. We do not offer commission of any kind.


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