Using Zubee Zone to Make Money with a Blog

Blogging is a great way to earn money online, but getting traffic is a very slow game.

The keys to making money with blogging are leveraging the platform to sell products, or to sell advertising.

Both of these things work great, but both require traffic.

Zubee Ultimate Rewards is a very powerful way to increase that leveragable traffic.

Zubee Zone receives massive traffic (Source: Alexa)

The Zubee Coins themselves are responsive design, so they can fit in any size space or sidebar, or you can edit the CSS to customize the design.

When you add Zubee Coins to your website, your visitors will be able to claim the coin daily, claiming the coin gives them Zubees which they can redeem for rewards on our site.

The great thing about this system is that we do all the heavy lifting for you, you don’t have to program or scale your own complex rewards system, because we already did.  A reward system of this magnitude would cost you over $20,000 just to build, before you’ve even began running your own contests and giveaways, and other pre-made solutions will cost you hundreds of dollars a month on the bottom end.

Starter Pack

A simple Starter Package which is ideal for blogs will cost you a fixed $35 a month and allows you to give out an unlimited amount of silver and gold coins, as your traffic grows – we grow with you.

Allowing visitors to claim coins daily virtually guarantees repeat visitors which will result in near-instant uptick in traffic while building your brand and trust factor with your new visitors.

The coins are great to incentivize return visits and engagement, but Zubee Zone can do a lot more for your business.

A couple of other services we recommend for blogs to add on to their $35 a month Starter Package are available to drive our massive traffic to your blog.


The Featured sites are located at the top of the page for logged in members. Featuring your site turns your rewards system into an acquisition channel, bringing you a constant stream of new members.  Featured sites are targeted to our members based on interest, so the traffic you are getting is targeted and not generic random traffic. Featuring your site for an entire month will run you $25.

Featured+ Retargeting

Featured+ is the gold of Zubee Zone. We use advanced retargeting technology to bring your members back and increase their activity. Featured+ specifically features our website targeted only to members who have claimed coins at your site in the past, but have not been active. This is the perfect way to increase activity from existing members, and all the new members you acquire from our Reward Program.  Adding Retargeting requires no setup, and a full month for only $40.


As you see, you can begin leveraging Zubee Zone to bring new targeted traffic to your blog while building up consistent repeat traffic with easy copy and paste setup and a consistent monthly price.

You can start at $35, but to maximize Zubee Zone for your blog, we recommend the extras above, at a total of $100 a month you’ll quickly see from your traffic how cost effective this is versus traditional CPA advertising or other gamification or rewards solutions.

To add Zubees to your blog, just login to your Zubee Zone account, then click the ‘Switch to Zubee Business Site’ link.  On the business site you can add your blog, or click ‘Help’ for our video tutorials.

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