New Emerald Hunter Game!

We’re super excited to introduce a brand new way you can earn Zubees from Zubee Ultimate Rewards!

emerald screenshot

Zubee Zone Proudly Presents – The Emerald Hunter Prize Page!

You can Find this Prize Page in Rotation at Traffic Swirl, just Click the Game Pieces to Reveal Emeralds!

emerald won

The more Emeralds you find, the bigger your prize!

emerald prize

You can play the Emerald Hunter Prize Page ONLY at Traffic Swirl, but we will be releasing this game ABSOLUTELY FREE for ALL Traffic Exchange Owners, so keep an Eye on the Website and This Blog to find out when We release it for FREE!

  • poetic

    I understand it but I see that in some cases It doesn’t work at all and I’m redirected just to your site of login or register , not to a site of Emerald Hunter (a case with atomicmailer). It’s a great problem. I see the sign of your site and I know it is nothing. Can you help us – members of that site? Regards. poetic

  • Amie Thrush

    How do I get coins without having to joining the other sites?

  • Ricardo Penders

    Need some help with the code because the instructions don’t make any sense to me and I don’t know where I need to put the code, NOT the referral code or banner code but for the game

  • Alexander M. R. Smoljanovic

    I added the script and tested it on my traffic exchange Gecko Hits but find that when a user comes across the page in site rotation that only a login screen to Zubee zone is available. I am not using LFTME and suspect it is the problem. Can you please explain? Thanks

  • Jimmy Colbert now has Emerald Hunter and Treasure Hunter. Please add to your “Game Sites” section of Zubee Zone. Thanks :-)